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Peter Cottontail is a young Easter Bunny who lives in April Valley, where the Chief Easter Bunny supervises such Easter items as colored eggs and chocolate candy.

Colonel Wellington B. Bunny, the retiring Chief Easter Bunny, names Peter his successor despite his boasting and fibbing, exemplified when his left ear droops. Peter, who has dreamed of being Chief Easter Bunny almost his entire life, gladly accepts. However, January Q. Irontail wants to be Chief Easter Bunny, only so he can ruin it for children everywhere, as revenge for the loss of his tail, which was run over by a small child who roller-skated over it and replaced with a hard iron tail.

Because the Constitution of April Valley says only the rabbit who delivers the most eggs on Easter morning can be Chief Easter Bunny, Irontail proposes a contest to see who delivers the most eggs and wins. Peter, eager to prove his worth accepts the challenge, though the Colonel refuses. Although Peter promises the Colonel that he won’t fail, he stays up late partying with his friends. Though he tells his rooster to wake him up at 5:30 AM, Irontail sneaks into his house and feeds magic bubblegum to it, causing the crows to float so far away that Peter can’t hear them, resulting in sleeping through and losing the contest.
Even though Irontail manages to deliver only one egg, it’s still one more egg than Peter delivers and so Irontail is named the new Chief Easter Bunny, as per the constitution.

Immediately, Irontail begins to ruin Easter by passing laws that will doubtless make Easter a complete disaster, such as painting eggs in the colors of mud and new concrete, ordering the candy sculptors to make chocolate octopuses and tarantulas instead of bunnies and chicks, and having Easter galoshes instead of bonnets. Meanwhile, Peter, ashamed that his overconfidence and irresponsibility led to this tragedy, leaves April Valley in disgrace. The next morning, he meets Seymour S. Sassafras, an eccentric and friendly peddler and inventor who supplies April Valley with the dyes it uses to color its Easter eggs with, which he gets from the vegetables he grows in his Garden of Surprises from red, white, and blue cabbages and purple corn to striped tomatoes and orange string beans.

Proving to be very compassionate and understanding, Sassafras let Peter use his time machine called the Yestemorrowbile, which can transport anyone to yesterday or tomorrow. With the help of its pilot, a French caterpillar named Antoine, Peter will be able to go back to Easter and deliver his eggs, win the contest, and defeat Irontail. Unfortunately, Irontail finds out about Peter’s plan and sends his spider to sabotage the Yestemorrowbile’s controls, thereby making it so that Peter and Antoine can go to any holiday but Easter.

While Antoine tries to fix the machine, they find out that the rules of the contest, however, don’t specifically say the eggs must be delivered on Easter, so Peter begins trying to give his eggs away at other holidays without success, but continues to attempt to persevere in his quest, even though no one seems to want eggs on any holiday except Easter.

On the Fourth of July, he lies to two boys when he tries to sell his eggs as fireworks. On Halloween, he meets Madame Esmeralda the witch and gives her a Halloween egg. When she calls the other inhabitants of Halloween together, Irontail sends Montresor out to steal Peter’s eggs. Unfortunately, Peter cannot go back to Halloween to give out the rest of his eggs since Antoine has to land the Yestermorrowbile to keep up with the repairs. On Christmas Eve, Peter meets Bonnie Bonnet, all alone in a hat shop, crying because no one will buy her at Christmas. Peter, however, makes a deal with the hat seller, trading her his Christmas eggs for Bonnie.

However, Irontail steals the eggs and Peter and Bonnie go after him, accidentally leaving Antoine behind. On Valentine’s Day, Peter meets Donna, a lovely girl bunny who immediately takes an interest in one of his Valentine eggs. However, Irontail finds the eggs and casts an evil spell on them, turning them all green, inside and out. In the end, Peter finally manages to give the green eggs away on St. Patrick’s Day, since they are the appropriate color. As a result, he is crowned Chief Easter Bunny, Antoine returns as a butterfly, and Irontail is now the April Valley janitor.

Captain Crewe (played by Ian Hunter), called to fight in the Second Boer War, has to leave his daughter Sara (Shirley Temple) with her pony at Miss Minchin’s School for Girls. With all the money Captain Crewe can offer, Miss Minchin gives Sara a fancy, private room.

Although worried about her father, Sara is distracted by riding lessons. Sara hears news that Mafeking is free and expects her father will soon come home. Miss Minchin throws Sarah a lavish birthday party. During the party, Captain Crewe’s solicitor arrives with the sad news that Captain Crewe has died and his real estate, the basis for his wealth, has been confiscated. Miss Minchin ends Sara’s party abruptly. Without her father’s financial support, Sara becomes a servant, now working at the school she used to attend. Sara gains new solace in a friendship with Ram Dass (Cesar Romero) who lives next door. She also receives support from Miss Minchin’s brother, Hubert, who does not agree with her treatment.

In her new role Sara gets hungrier and more tired from her arduous duties and sneaks off to Veterans Hospitals, convinced her father is not dead. After a string of episodes including a performance of the film’s most well-known song “Knocked ‘em in the Old Kent Road”, Sara is at her wits end. Taunting from Lavinia (Marcia Mae Jones) cause Sara to lose her temper. Miss Minchin arrives in the attic, discovers blankets that Ram Dass left Sara, assumes they are stolen, and locks her in the attic, calling the police. Sara escapes and runs to the hospital with Minchin in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile the hospital is preparing to transfer a newly arrived patient, who is unable to communicate except to repeatedly say, “Sara, Sara”; it is Captain Crewe, but “his papers have been lost” and no one knows who he is. Sara is initially barred from entering the hospital but sneaks in, only to burst in upon a visit by Queen Victoria, who grants her permission to search for her father. Sara searches the wards unsuccessfully, but happens upon her father as she hides from Miss Minchin and the police.

Miss Minchin, who pursued Sara to the hospital, is appalled that her brother thinks Sara is innocent. A staff member announces Sara has found her father, Miss Minchin exclaims: “Captain Crewe is alive?!” to which her brother retorts, “Of course he’s alive! How could she find him if he wasn’t alive?” The film ends with Sara helping her father stand as the Queen departs.

See How Norad Tracks Santa Across The Globe (2013)



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“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is a song introduced by Judy Garland in the 1944 MGM musical Meet Me in St. Louis. Frank Sinatra later recorded a version with modified lyrics, which has become more common than the original. The song was written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane.

In 2007, ASCAP ranked “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” the third most performed Christmas song during the preceding five years that had been written by ASCAP members.



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Casper and his friend Hairy Scary are in a house about to be demolished on Christmas Eve and go out to look for a new place to move to after Christmas. Then Yogi and his friends get lost and arrive at Casper and Hairy’s house and clean and decorate it to celebrate Christmas.

Then Casper befriends Yogi and company only for Hairy to try to ruin the fun for Casper and his new friends. Then Hairy has a change of heart and celebrates Christmas with Casper and his new friends and ending with Santa Claus saving the house and turning it into Hairy’s Haunting Lodge.

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Thanks to Harvey Toons. This cartoon is available on Home video, as part of the complete Harvey Toons collection.

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Peace on Earth is a one-reel 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon short directed by Hugh Harman, about a post-apocalyptic world populated only by animals.

Two young squirrels ask their grandfather on Christmas Eve who the “men” are in the lyric “Peace on Earth, good will to men.” The grandfather squirrel then tells them a rotoscoped history of the human race, focusing on the neverending wars men waged. Ultimately the wars do end, with the deaths of the last men on Earth, two soldiers shooting each other. Afterwards, the surviving animals discover a copy of the Bible in the ruins of a church. Inspired by the book’s teachings, they decide to rebuild a society dedicated to peace and nonviolence (using the helmets of soldiers to construct houses). The cartoon features an original song written to the tune of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”. According to Hugh Harman’s obituary in the New York Times and Ben Mankiewicz, host of Cartoon Alley, the cartoon was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. However, it is not listed in the official Nobel Prize nomination database. Mankiewicz also claimed that the cartoon was the first about a serious subject by a major studio. In 1994, it was voted #40 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field. It was also nominated for the 1939 Academy Award for Short Subjects (Cartoons).

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Hannah became friends with the Halloween creatures of the Fright Side last Halloween, and is now looking forward to a wonderful holiday this year. Unfortunately, her mean older cousin Jimmy got terribly scared (unexpected side effect of a mean Halloween joke he played on Hannah last year) and is terrified of it this year. So he plots to keep Halloween from coming! But how?

The interplay between the actions of Jimmy (threatening Halloween) and Hannah (saving it) and the consequences of those actions on the Fright Side makes up the bulk of the movie. Eventually there is a happy ending.

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Arrested for a petty crime, Jean Valjean spends 20 years in prison. After his release, he is still pursued by Inspector Javert. An adaptation of the French historical novel by Victor Hugo which was first published in 1862 and is considered one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century. Public domain film.

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A Californian family inherits a castle in Romania. This is especially exciting to the son, who is obsessed with monsters. And he is not disappointed.

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The book chronicles the life of an artistic young boy named Jesse Aarons and the burdens and hardships customary to his home life, such as his duties on his family’s farm and the constant agitations and annoyances of his many sisters.

After having achieved status as his classroom’s fastest runner, he is infuriated when this position is claimed by a tomboyish newcomer named Leslie, whom he strongly dislikes. After following Jesse’s experiences with classroom tormentors or rivals including Gary Fulcher, he anticipates the arrival of music class due to his strong infatuation for the subject’s beautiful young teacher, Miss Edmunds. However, it is during music class one day that he discovers a fondness for the eccentric and ostracized Leslie, and the two develop a friendship. While swinging together over a creek on a sunny day, they decide to design an imaginary sanctuary from the burdens and pains of everyday life over which they reign as monarchs, calling it Terabithia and constructing a small refuge from these burdens in which their imaginary escapades take place.

At school, the pair also is challenged through the presence of an older bully named Janice Avery whom they immensely detest, and it is after she snatches a dessert from the lunch of Jesse’s younger sister May Belle that the two forge a romantic letter under the guise of Willard Hughes, the object of Janice’s infatuation, in conspiracy against her. After the plan’s success exposes Janice to public mortification, the triumphant Jess and Leslie indulge in their victory; however, after encountering a sobbing Janice Avery in the girls’ restroom one day and learning of the abuse to which she is subjected, Leslie develops sympathy and a friendship with the misunderstood bully. In the meantime, her bond with Jesse also increases powerfully, and they continue to indulge in the pleasures derived from Terabithia, the two friends adopting a puppy named Prince Terrien, abbreviated to P.T.

After being invited to a trip to an art museum with Miss Edmunds, Jesse accepts the offer without properly notifying Leslie or his parents beforehand. After enjoying a day together at an art exhibit, Jesse is horrified to return home and learn of Leslie’s untimely and accidental death by drowning in the creek after the rope swing used to access Terabithia snapped. A shocked Jesse, incapable of absorbing or accepting the impact or horror of Leslie’s sudden death, is rendered in a state of denial of any grief or even of his friend’s existence, and he is terrified at the concept of Leslie’s being sentenced to eternal damnation due to her doubts regarding religion.

After Jesse miserably accepts the inevitability and unpreventability of her demise, he is saddened even further by the grief exhibited by Leslie’s mourning family, who have decided to relocate to their former home prior to their move to their current residence. Jesse decides to pay tribute to his deceased friend with P.T. by crafting a memorial wreath, but soon afterward he discovers a terrified May Belle by the creek, who had attempted to use a fallen tree as a bridge to Terabithia (having discovered its existence earlier in the story). After assisting his sister, Jesse chooses to fill the void left by Leslie’s passing by making May Belle the new queen of Terabithia, permitting her to join in his sanctuary from then onward.

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The film opens with the tail end of a Friday night baseball game. With the bases loaded, the home team wins by a narrow margin as the batter hits the ball out of the park. Both the celebration of the home team and fans and the dread of losing for the visiting team are cut short as a mysterious spaceship floats over the park, thus snatching the attention of everybody there: the players, the fans, the hot dog and popcorn vendors, and the announcer.

After the ship performs a tune, it dissipates into three floating balls of light. One of them forms into a ghost who initially appears as an alien, but thereafter, is revealed to be Fatso (Jess Harnell), a member of The Ghostly Trio, who releases gas which hits the scoreboard, causing a shower of sparks, also sparking terror. The other two ghosts of the trio, Stinky (Bill Farmer), and Stretch (Jim Ward), join in, causing panic in the park, as everybody scatters. Casper (Jeremy Foley), a shy, friendly ghost (whom all three ghosts are uncles to), arrives, attempting to settle the rattled crowd, but the people are just as scared. The park is eventually empty, as Casper’s uncles plan a vacation.

Meanwhile, an evil dark wizard named Desmond Spellman (George Hamilton) is settled down in his mansion. He is the greatest warlock to ever exist, until the Oracle (Pauly Shore) tells him that in the future Wendy the Good Little Witch (Hilary Duff) will be the greatest witch to ever exist, and so he plots to kill the “little mole rat”, with the advised “Mystic Abyss”. He creates two warlock enforcers: Jules (Richard Moll), and Vincent (Vincent Schiavelli) with a mix of chemicals in a blender, exposure to thunder and lightning, and a spill over his catwalk balcony. He assigns them to go to Wendy’s address (which the oracle printed on Desmonds’ fax machine) and bring her to him. They prove what they think is a simple task by firing their hand guns through the wall.

Meanwhile, Wendy (Hilary Duff) is living in the country with her three witch aunts Gerti (Cathy Moriarty), Gabby (Shelley Duvall), and Fanny (Teri Garr). While attempting to befriend the local paper boy, they foil it by slingshotting a green ball of goo at him, thus causing the newspapers to automatically slap him. She is angered, and while trying to prove herself to them, Jules and Vincent arrive with the purpose of abducting her. They begin attacking with their hand guns.

She and her aunts narrowly escape Desmond’s men as Wendy turns their weapons into water guns and traps them in a cage. On the run from her nemesis, she runs into Casper, who has been violently thrown around by his three uncles. They then become great friends, but of course, in the tale, a ghost’s worst enemy is a witch, and vice-versa, so her aunts don’t get along with his uncles, and vice-versa. As a part of their plan to convince them to get along, he gets his uncles to haunt a dance, and she convinces her aunts to attend as well. The Ghostly Trio possesses three men at the party and end up flirting with the three witches.

Though everything seems to go well, the plan is foiled when their real selves are revealed to Wendy’s aunts, who bluffingly threaten them with magic. Later, Wendy tells Casper about Desmond and that she and her aunts can’t use powerful magic, begging him not to tell anyone about this. He accidentally tells the Ghostly Trio, prompting them to attack her and her aunts. She feels she has no choice but to fight them and uses a spell to cover them in plaster. This action is picked up by Desmond’s magic tracker. The witches are attacked by Jules and Vincent. Before Wendy and her aunts have a chance to escape, Desmond arrives.
He tries to cast her into the Mystic Abyss to kill her, but Casper dives in to save her. Her aunts try to fight Desmond but they aren’t powerful enough.

Before he can throw them in along with Wendy, however, a giant three-eyed monster pops up and frightens him, causing the evil wizard to fall into the Abyss instead. It turns out to be the Ghostly Trio, who combined together to defeat him. While they hold the Abyss open, Wendy’s aunts pull her and Casper out of it. The Oracle proclaims that she is the greatest witch because she did something no other witch ever did: she befriended a ghost (Casper).

Finally, she, her aunts, Casper, and his uncles all bid each other goodbye, but he and Wendy reassure each other that they’ll be together again soon.

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Tracks Include:

  • The Scariest Halloween Ever
  • Where Do You Hide In A Haunted House?
  • Good Luck Isn’t Bad
  • The Creaky Staircase!

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Twin sisters Sarah and Julie (Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen)are two naughty but sweet children that drive their work-obsessed divorced mother, Rhonda, up the wall. They overhear her saying that they are a “handful” and she needs a “vacation”. They decide to go give Rhonda what she wants and head off to their great grandmother’s house for Christmas. The girls pack up their bags and hop on their bicycles. But there’s a problem; they aren’t allowed to cross the street on their own. That’s when the city bus pulls up and they sneak on through the back door. While riding the bus, an elderly lady informs them that it only goes back and forth between Uptown and Downtown, who also informs them that Edgemont (where Grandma lives) is actually several hours away.

After getting off the bus Downtown, they spot Eddie (J. Eddie Peck) (a delivery man who has a crush on their mom) and his truck. They sneak into its back thinking that he will lead them to their great-grandmother’s, and only reveal themselves to him because Sarah desperately has to go to the bathroom. He doesn’t like kids, but eventually starts to enjoy the girls’ company after he figures out that he gets large tips when they deliver packages with him. He evens buys them ice cream, as well as a lottery ticket with the numbers of their birth date (6-13-19-8-7). Meanwhile, the babysitter has noticed that the girls were missing and inform Rhonda about it, who in concerns of the news frantically closes her opened 24/7 store, and rushes home to inspect the place and call the police. Just as she is reporting it to the police, Eddie calls her and gives her the good news that he has the girls and how they got there. She agrees to come pick them up, but he agrees to keep them and watch over them promising to bring them back at the end of the day when he has finished, while having the girls believe that he will take them to grandma’s if they help out.

After the day’s deliveries are finished, of course against their will, he brings them home even revealing to them that adults will saying anything to get kids to go along. He manages to make it back home telling the girls to go to the back to get their suitcases where he will meet them there. He manages to step out of his truck, only to be attacked by two robbers who steal his truck (with the girls still inside). When the robbers, Harvey and Shirley (Jerry Van Dyke and Rhea Perlman), discover them and why they are there, they decide they can make some money by kidnapping them for ransom. Shirley makes a phone call to Rhonda, asking for a ransom which she calls a “reward” of $10,000 in cash. She also forced Rhonda not to inform the police about it, or else they will permanently disappear with the girls. She tells her that they will make the trade at the ice rink in Edgemont, and that she is to wear a red hat.

Meanwhile, Harvey has begun to like the girls and when he asks Shirley why they never had kids, she replies that it’s because they’re too busy being criminals, though he agrees that it’s just their job rather than a mission, which is how Shirley views it. Eddie and Rhonda reluctantly agree to raise the money for ransom through opening up and selling merchandise which Eddie is supposed to be delivering. However, they succeed as planned and manage to make it close to the threshold of what they’re supposed to raise. Eddie gives Rhonda a red cowgirl cat from his stack of cowboy wannabes. They succeed as planned, and however, the pawnshops start noticing the stolen merchandise and reporting to Detective Gremp (Stuart Margolin) and his officials, writing out a warrant for their arrest, mistaking them for the bandits.
Through managing to make it to the skating rink in Edgemont, through many pros and cons between Eddie and Rhonda and the bandits and how the girls run off again over being upset about the truth that Harvey reveals to them, and through runaway horses disguised as reindeer which Santa left after they had a visit with him, and with the help of Eddie’s intervention and resilience, Sarah and Julie eventually get to their great-grandmother’s house, and then Eddie and Rhonda (who by this time has learned that it was because of her saying she wanted a vacation that the girls ran away, and apologizes to the girls for being upset and making them think like that) get together after he saves the girls. Just as everything becomes okay, and Eddie and Rhonda make love, Detective Gremp and one of his officials burst in and handcuff them. They try to reveal to Gremp the truth about what was going on in their side of the story and what Eddie had planned to do to pay it all back, but he immediate denies it still assuming that they are the real bandits due to the whole ransom deal. Harvey’s heart goes out to them as Shirley is trying to force them to get away while they have the chance, and thanks to him, he intervenes and causes the truth to be revealed. They get handcuffed and sent away, with Harvey telling Shirley that if they ever get out, he promises her that he will be proud by being the worst convict possible.

Through enough persuasion, Gremp agrees to let Eddie, Rhonda, and the girls go all the back to the city with him, so he can be back in time to be able to have a chance at winning the lotto of 1.3 million dollars on a TV show. He promises to split what he wins between Rhonda and the girls, and has the girls spin it for him. Through pure luck, he wins the jackpot. Afterwards, they give all the people their parcels back. At the end everybody is happy spending Christmas together.

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Ten years after leaving her small town for big-city success, a woman returns for a friend’s Christmas Eve wedding. All the old high-school rivalries and relationships return, and she is grateful she is staying only for one night.

However, she finds herself caught in a “Groundhog Day” style time vortex, in which only she is aware that the events are incessantly repeating. At first bored and frustrated, she soon approaches each repeat day with enthusiasm, aware of the possibilities for growth through new experiences and aware as well of her remaining attachment for her high-school boyfriend.

She uses the time to grow again close to her estranged mother, whom she has almost ignored for the years she has been chasing her big-city career. She also learns to relax and try to accept the possibilities in her life and the possible romance it offers her.

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While visiting her school’s forbidden attic, Mandie stumbles upon the mystery of a long forgotten Christmas.

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Workaholic FBI agent Jake Cunningham fears his case against investment fraudster Scott Shift may not stick without the testimony of cocktail waitress Brandi O’Neill, who naively believed to be more then Scott’s latest throwaway flirt.

Jake is tricked by his ma to spend Christmas with his ‘badly ill’ dad, judge Joe Cunningham. Jake never visited his family in years, so he passes off Brandi as his steady date. She insists to stay, and like ma enjoys the posh – working class seasonal culture clash. Things get grim again when dad discovers Jake is undercover and sympathizes rather with the corrupt Shift family’s lawyer Stanley.

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Detective Ellery Queen aids Free Dutch agents battle Nazi spies over a prize of industrial diamonds.

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